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From the website


“For hundreds of years The Anchor Inn has enjoyed boating rights over one of the most beautiful parts of the River Ouse.


It stretches from the Anchor Inn to the attractive Fish Ladder Falls extending below Sutton Hall.


The river scenery is quite unspoilt and is home to many wild birds including herons, kingfishers, swans, cormmorants and moorhens.


The only building visible is the tip of the spire of St. Margaret’s Church, Isfield.


The round trip to the falls and back, made in comfortable two, four or six seater boats hand propelled by paddles, takes a leisurely two hours. The boats may be hired by the hour or day as desired.”


All ages are welcome to join in on the boats at Barcombe, life jackets are supplied for smaller or less confident swimmers!

It is down a country road next to the Anchor Inn pub which serves a great meal and a refreshing drink on a hot day, only a 10 minute drive from Alpaca Camp.

You can also park at Barcombe Mills and take a walk to the pub to go on the boats.

You can even take a dip whilst someone else is rowing (hopefully they’re good at steering from the trees)!

Dogs are welcome on the boats.

01273 400414
The Anchor Inn, Anchor Lane, Barcombe, Lewes, East Sussex, BN8 5EA

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